Critical issued by the coordination of the Diaspora for the Iraqi Forum for Human Rights Organizations

Critical issued by the coordination of the Diaspora for the Iraqi Forum for Human Rights Organizations

The assassination of lawyer Jabbar Mohammed Karam al-Bahadli

  To the

 International community Mr. President of the United Nations

 The respected human rights officer of the European Union

 Mr. President of the Senate of the United States of America

 Presidents of the United Nations Security Council

 Mr. President of the respected Arab League

The hands of the crime extend the honorable people of the Iraqi people, and take their lead to the breasts that embrace the right and defend the safety of citizens, to silence the voice of truth and to plunge the country with innocent blood. Gunmen assassinated masked in a Toyota GXR on Monday morning, assassinated lawyer Jabbar Mohammed Karam al-Bahadli in the Hadi district of Basra province, where they shot him, killing him instantly. The lawyer had announced his volunteer to defend the demonstrators arrested after the demonstrations in the province of Basra, the latter, by virtue of his work as a lawyer. The criminals carried out their criminal work in front of Al-Hadi police station in the center of the province, firing 15 gunshots at the victim (according to security sources). We all know that the citizens of Iraq are exposed to the daily crimes of executions by criminals and killed by a group of hired killers who are being abused by justice and planting death in all parts of Iraq and to punish those in a country where the judiciary is afraid of the ruler. . We call upon the international community, the Arab League, the Islamic countries, the UN Security Council, human rights organizations, all national and humanitarian platforms, associations and individuals to support and stand with us in condemning and rejecting these blatant violations and crimes against our people. We hold the central government and the local government responsible for tracking and arresting criminals (exposing them and exposing those behind them) and handing them over to the courts for the most severe punishment, deterring those who plan to rob innocent citizens and their right to life. And that the implementation of these crimes by criminals is a clear message of threat to anyone who tries to protect citizens and defend their legitimate rights, and this is not recognized by the honor of humanity everywhere in this world. We also indicate the seriousness of the consequences of silence or the slow detection of the identity of the perpetrators and their supporters, which will lead to flooding the country with a wave of blood.

 Coordination of the Diaspora of the Iraqi Forum for Human Rights Organizations

Tuesday 23 July 2018

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